Jill Ingham
Member of British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology

Cosmetic Blemish Removal

Skin Tags, Blood Spots, Facial Thread Veins, Facial Milia, Seborrhoeic Warts and more

Jill Ingham is the Director of Body Kind with over 20 years experience within the beauty industry. Jill trained at the acclaimed Sterex International Academy and has 10 years experience performing Advanced Cosmetic Electrolysis.

Body Kind offers you the latest developments in advanced cosmetic procedures that uses electrolysis for the safe and permanent removal of unwanted skin blemishes. Prior to any treatment you will be asked to attend a consultation session. During your consultation you will be able to experience a trial treatment.   The procedures, aftercare and cost of the treatment will be fully discussed with you.  



Unwanted or irritating skin blemishes on the face and body can be removed safely and in some cases instantly. The frequency and length of treatment depends on the skin blemish/es presented. Any area will not be overworked allowing time for natural healing to take place. An estimated time schedule together with treatment charges will be discussed at your consultation.

 Initial Consultation
 Includes skin analysis and costing.                            FREE

 Up to 15 minute appointment                         40.00

 Up to 30 minute appointment                        75.00

 Appointments include a complimentary review within one month on the procedure/s carried out and does not include new blemish removal.                                                  

                                                             Prices correct as at October 2017

Electrolysis Hair Removal                                  

Initial Consultation                                                  FREE

10 minutes                                                                  12.00

20 minutes                                                                 20.00